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Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence – Available for Grades 7 – College

Outreach work

P.S. It’s My Body – Available for ages Pre-K through Third Grade

Combines powerful interviews of battered and verbally abused teens with expert commentary, while delivering key facts about dating abuse.  Presentation includes a personal story from the presenter, Facts Sheets, Pre/Post Tests, and verbal discussions with the audience.

The Power to Effect Change

Bringing positive change to the Community 
 Includes “Happy Bear” an interactive play that introduces the basics of recognizing, resisting and reporting.  The curriculum activities build upon these concepts, and include: identifying welcome & unwelcome touches, naming body parts, demonstrating basic resistance skills, recognizing personal safety zones/personal space, and identifying people to tell.
Requests for presentations, parenting classes, school programs, professional training, and public awareness campaigns for the Center are overseen by the Director of Community Outreach and Education. Please call 903-454-9999 to discuss our programs and their positive impact.
Student-centered video and print curriculum is based on the CDC’s recommendations for preventing sexual violence.  Five short, 10-minute segments educate and inform students about critical issues such as:  Gender Stereotypes, Sexual Harassment, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Media Safety.  Each segment presents a real-life scenario that encourages discussion of these sensitive topics among students.  Includes discussion questions, activities and hand-outs that reinforce the prevention message.    

This presentation focuses on how NOT to be a bystander when an individual is a witness to bullying.  Presentations for the younger children, such as K-3rd grade, focus on being a friend and how to be a friend.  For all other grades and ages, we walk through the definitions of bullying and why people bully.  The presentations used for the 4th grade and above also show dramatic and thought provoking videos that give specific examples of how NOT to be a bully or a bystander.  During the presentations for the Middle School and High School and above age groups, the presentations also include a personal story about a suicide due to bullying and a group activity that shows actual student enrollment percentages of suicide based on national statics.  This activity is very eye-opening for the students.

Internet Safety/Cyberbullying – Available for ages (3rd – College)

Love & Logic Parenting – Available for Adults over age 18

This presentation is a detailed look into how on-line predators can exploit children and individuals of all ages.  The presentation also is coupled with a DVD and curriculum from one of the following title selections, based on age and requested need from school/group.  

Anti-bullying/Bystander – Available for all ages (K-College)

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Provided in English and Spanish offering simple and easy techniques for parents to learn.  Show adults how to discipline kids without losing their love and respect.  Focuses on helping children develop personal responsibility, self-control and good decision-making skills.  Teaches responsibility and character.  Lower your stress level.  Have immediate and positive effects.  Up the odds that you will enjoy life-long positive relationships with your kids…and your grandchildren.  6 sessions for 1 hour each at Hunt County Children’s Advocacy Center. Classes are free of charge with the exception of the purchase of the $10 workbook.

10 Signs of Relationship Abuse – Available for Grades 7 – College